It’s me, El

It's me, El

Welcome to my wholesome life!

I’ve created this blog to share with you some of my favourite recipes, some inspiration, and just some things that I think are just plain groovy.
My name is Ellie,
I’m nothing extraordinary.
Just a dietetics student from the small beach town of Lennox Head expressing her love for Fruit, Running, the Ocean, Whole and Raw Foods, Yoga, Exploring and Paying Gratitude to the Earth.

You may notice my recipes are all basically vego and some vegan, and thats because I am part both, I believe that allĀ animals are so incredibly cute and that we are all equal and so should be treated accordingly. I love eating plant based foods, and feel that I personally thrive off of them.

Well anyway enough of that,
I hope you LOVE my blog, and hope to teach some that wholesome food is interesting, delicious, easy, and just outright amazing!
you can also find me on instagram

xx Elsa


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