Frutti Açaí Bowl


hmm just what is this amazonian magical super fruit that every juice bar seems to be serving up?

Its a super berry from the amazon, packed with antioxidants

I remember trying Açaí for the first time, almost 3 years ago, in my little home town of Lennox Head, and thinking “pure fruit sorbet, in a bowl, for breakfast! how bloody CRAZY.. and cool”

oh how things have changed for me.. 

well anyway, I’m here to show you how easy it is to turn it into an uber delicious cold fruity bowl at home.


it’s so simple yet satisfying…

So this recipe is made for 2 bowls, as pictured ^^ 


2 sachets of frozen Açaí (found in health supermarkets) 

2 bananas (frozen)

1 green apple (juiced) 

1 cup of diced watermelon

handful of ice cubes

2 handfuls of raspberries (one to serve)

2 handfuls of any granola ( to serve ) 

(I made my Granola myself, but I can’t take credit for it, but I can tell you I got it from Dan Churchills website: and I can also tell you its ridiculously delicious and worth checking out!!)

1 banana sliced ( to serve)


heres how you construct this super easy bowl:

1. blend the acai, bananas, ice, apple juice, watermelon, and raspberries until thick and smooth.

2. pour into 2 bowls.

3. top with the granola, sliced banana, and raspberries. 

4. and disfrutar! enjoy 😉 


Elsa, xx


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