Watermelon Bowl

It’s summer time on the sunny East Coast of Australia, you’ve been at the beach all morning, hot, sandy and salty. You’ve got a lil round watermelon that you picked up for $3 at the farmers market on the weekend, and your dead thirsty.

What do you do?

watermelon bowl

You make yourself a watermelon bowl! 

I love making these and laying out the back in the sun with my sister and slurping it down.

they’re fun, yum, and sure do rehydrate you!


So what you’ll need is: 

a little round watermelon, 1/2 cup of coconut water (optional for extra electrolytes), a squeeze of lime juice, and a handful of fresh mint leaves, couple of ice cubes.. oh and a juicer (you can choose to blend the fruit may just be quite pulpy, but you can always strain the pulp out.)

what to do:

cut top of the watermelon off (about the first 2cm off his head)

scoop out all the watermelon into a bowl, so that all thats left it the outer shell

juice all the watermelon

pour back into its ‘shell’

squeeze the lime juice and add some coconut water, and throw in some mint.

sit out in the sunshine and enjoy your juicy juicy melon 🙂




Elsa, xx



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