Sesame and Miso Baked Eggplant

Okay, so I have a confession, I am completely obsessed with Fifty Shades of Grey. 

So you probably wont hear from me for a while.. just joking.. I picked it up this morning and thought well I would love to read something before its movie comes out so I can compare, knowing how hard I find it to get hooked on books, but yep its true, it’ll have you hooked in the first page.

baked eggplant 4

Now, I also have to confess I am obsessed with eggplant! Especially roasted eggplant. Its soft gooey juicy texture just melts my heart, truly. And I love how versatile it is. I recently tried something like this at a restaurant and thought it was genius! It was slightly too sweet for me, but nether-the-less it was deelish! And I needed to get home and recreate it in my own version.

Eggplant isn’t overwhelmingly high in any nutrient but it has a good source of a massive variety of them, such as fibre, folate, potassium, manganese and vitamins K, C, B6, copper, thiamine, niacin, magnesium and pantothenic acid. It’s made up mostly of carbohydrates, my favourite food group 🙂

So anyway, I’ve been experimenting with ways to jazz the ol’ eggplant up, and I think this marinate is just the combination you want.

Baked sesame miso eggplant, with a few extra trimmings.

I also think this recipe would make an awesome dip! But ill leave that to another day of experimenting.

So what you will need:

1 medium sized eggplant


1 ½ tbsp shiro miso paste

½ to 1 tsp chilli paste (depends how spicy you like it)

1 tsp minced garlic

½ tsp coconut sugar

½ tsp sesame seeds

1 tbsp reduced salt tamari soy

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

½ tbsp sesame oil

to serve: (optional extras)

handful of fresh coriander leaves

1 tbsp thinly sliced chilli

1 tbsp thinly sliced spring onion

baked eggplant 3

How to make this:

  1. Heat oven to 180 degrees or 160 fan forced. Slice the eggplant in half, lengthways, so you have two long halves (see picture if you are unsure)
  2. Using a sharp knife make some cuts down the eggplant both ways, making a square pattern, but don’t pierce the purple skin on the outside, as you want it to remain whole to keep all the juices in.
  3. Place all marinate ingredients in a bowl and stir to combine well with a small spoon, should be a thick syrup/paste consistency. Taste an adjust any flavours if you please.
  4. Place the eggplant halves on a lined baking tray and put 1 tbsp of the marinate on each half, pasting it evenly and making sure it gets in the gaps where the incisions were made.
  5. Place in the oven and bake for approximately 30 minutes, remove from oven and spread the rest of the marinate over them both evenly and return to oven for another 15-30 minutes (depending how hot your oven gets) you want it to be well baked so its soft and juicy the whole way through, you can check by scooping out a little and seeing if the white flesh comes straight out like moosh (excuse my strange descriptions)
  6. Sprinkle over any of the extras if you please (the coriander, chilli and onion) and serve. Would go great with a side salad, or with some steamed Asian greens.
  7. ENJOY your delicious flavoursome baked eggplant, that simply melts in your mouth J and yes you eat the skin.

If you enjoy this recipe let me know, I love feedback! And If anyone has any other favourite ways they have their eggplant I’d love to know, I’m always excited to try new things. 🙂

baked eggplant 2

Big love,





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  2. Lisa says:

    I absolutely love eggplant and will eat it every which way. This recipe is great! I had some left over miso in the fridge and I was running out of eggplant ideas. Its absolutely delish! Especially with a few fried spring onions and fresh corriander

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Lisa! So great to hear, glad you enjoyed it


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