GF Ginger Teff Men!

Hello my lovelies!

It’s almost been 1 week since I released my eBook! and I can’t say how thankful I am for all the lovely feedback! If you missed my last post, I have opened up a new website where I will be sharing my new recipes + have my brand new ebook available that has 64 wholesome vegan recipes!

Sign up there to catch all the new recipes and news 🙂


Well anyway, it’ssss Christmas time! Which means endless cooking and baking! Every year I bake ginger bread men, it’s becoming a bit of a tradition for me.


My first batch this year I made for my Grandmother, which were made from spelt flour + I added lots of turmeric to them for a bit of an anti-arthritic hit!


This is my second batch, which I’ve used teff flour (my new found love) so they’re gluten free. This time I left out the turmeric but upped the ginger so they’re extra spicy. Using a gluten free flour means they don’t rise in the oven like gluten containing flours do, but I love them when they’re thin and crunchy.

The recipe is now up on my new blog! 

so go check it out! + theres even a recipe for a ginger bread smoothie!!


Big love,

Elsa, xx


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